The Ravenous Moose Trading Post !
Giving Communities Economic Freedom

For People Having Integrity (P.H.I.) - Φ 

This is the Landing Page for the Example-Website

The word "Ravenous" means: "Intensely Eager for Gratification or Satisfaction".

The Ravenous Moose is not predatory.
But neither will the Ravenous Moose be passive.

The typical Moose can be seen as passively sitting by while the circumstances of the world overwhelm them. But the word "Ravenous" is used to portray the Moose which will not just passively wait for destruction, but a Moose which will aggressively seek out ways to survive. "The Ravenous Moose Trading Post" is an aggressive approach, not passive, that provides ways for you to actively satisfy your family’s needs and wellbeing.
The Ravenous Moose Trading Post is both a Fundraiser for your Group, and a Frontier-like Trading Post for your Community.
You do not need Employers or Banks to Trade.
The Ravenous Moose Trading Post was developed for the purpose of:
Giving Groups their own source of fundraising income, and
Giving its Members their own local Private Economy,
Based on the Gold Standard,
Without the need for Employers or Banks.

This is an aggressive approach to satisfying the needs and wellbeing of your Community.

The Ravenous Moose Trading Post brings back the old frontier style Community Trading Post.
Online Trading Post 1 . . .

The Ravenous Moose Trading Post Is Unique!
It gives your Community a chance to live without Banks and the Global Economy.
To Understand What The Ravenous Moose Trading Post Is, Please Read These PDFs

The Ravenous Moose Trading Post Brochure

Explanation of The Ravenous Moose Trading Post

This is the Example-Website's Landing Page:
  Click on the Moose below to go into the example Trading Post, and Test the Trading Post For Yourself . . .

This is a NEW Technology, specific for online Frontier Style Community Trading,
based on the Gold Standard

The advantages to your Group and Members cannot be overstated !

What Does It Do For a Community?
•  It frees your Group from Banks and Employers, letting you have your own independent economy. This means that your Community can live outside of "The System".
•  One of the advantages is to Trade for everyday goods and services independently from the Banking System, as Trades are made directly between individuals, using both your own local currency (dollars) and also Gold Weight.
•  Another advantage is that Members may Trade their services and labor without needing an employer. Members can work directly for other Members for the things they need.
Those who are unemployed will immediately recognize the significance of this!
•  This new Trading Post is also a year-round Fundraiser for your Group or Association. Typically, Groups are Cooperatives, Associations, Churches, Synagogues, Schools, Non-Profits, Clubs, and Towns.
•  Members can Trade privately between each other, for both personal and business goods, services, and labor. You can Trade for anything: Foods, Labor, Consultations, Wines, Coins, Stamps, and anything else, large or small. As Members make Trades the Group receives a percentage contribution, as a source of income.
How Does It Work?
•  Your Group owns and manages ALL monies, and ALL fees. Your Group simply leases this website technology from us, and then uses it as your own Private and Independent Economy.
•  The Ravenous Moose Trading Post NEVER "touches" the Group's or the Member's money. The Group gets an income, and the Members have a private way of getting the goods and services they need.
•  Groups can also cooperate with other Groups in joint projects and investments.
Everyone wins when they use the Ravenous Moose Trading Post!
What About The Group's Website?
•  Your Group will have its own website, and will use its own name, logos, and images. The colors and backgrounds shown in this Example-Website will be changed to make them specific for your Group.
What About Membership Location?
•  The Group and its Membership can be located anywhere in the world, in any city, and in any country. This is an Internet Technology, it does not matter where the members are located.
•  Your website can use 'Dollars', 'Pesos', 'Euros', 'Yuan', 'Yin', or any other currency, in combination with Gold too.
•  You do not have to use the "World-Wide-Web (www)" as your Internet. Instead, a local Community can set up its own private Internet-like Servers, which allow its members to use WiFi connections to interact and make trades. The RMTP can setup this private Internet for you.
It Is Time For The Ravenous Moose Trading Post

   Really? You've Got No Time For New Technology To Defend Us?
Commonly Asked Questions and Answers
 •  What is a "Trade"? 
You have been trading with friends since you were a kid.
"I'll trade you my GI Joe for your Transformer, Okay?"
The RMTP lets you do this as an adult for your family, trading for the goods and services you need, for those you can provide.

 •  What does your product do at the core level? 
Gives Groups their own year-round fundraising income, and gives its Members their own local private economy, based on the Gold Standard, without the need for Employers or Banks.

 •  What is your promise to each and every member? 
There is no way we can take your money, the RMTP never "touches" the money. Your own Group manages the Membership, the inventory, the money, the fees, the trades, and controls your local economy.

 •  What is the single best feature of the entire website? 
Members can Trade using non-inflationary Gold Weight, while giving their Group a source of fundraising income.

 •  What are the best benefits of using this website? 
Members, even the unemployed, can live and prosper independently from Employers and Banks. The Group can better fulfill its charter with a year-round source of fundraising income. Further, having an income your Group can promote local projects and Community services.

 •  Why should my Group lease it? 
Bartering has been around for centuries. But only the simplest trades can be made, or it does not work well. Often one side will get more than the other. Trading between three and more people for goods and services of unequal value gets really complicated. Often several people end up getting shorted. This Trading Post allows trades using both your local currency and Gold Weight, so that each trade is exactly what is agreed. Hundreds of people can trade every day for anything, and nothing gets complicated, and no one gets shorted.

 •  Why should my Group lease it now? 
The Group needs a good source of fundraising income, and the Members need a private way of trading what they can offer, for the goods and services they need. There is no reason to wait. Waiting just ensures the Group and Members continue to have no way to escape the world's Banks and Employers.

 •  Why should my Group lease it from you? 
We handle the technical details, and your Group handles the Membership, the money, the fundraising, the trading, and its own local economy. The RMTP is the only technology which allows the Group to set its own fees and rates, so that the Group completely controls its own fundraising, and its own local economy. The RMTP lets the Group and its Members live within their own private economic sphere.

 •  Who else is using it? 
The RMTP Privacy Policy explicitly promises that such information is never divulged.

 •  How does my Group lease it? 
Contact us, decide upon your own Membership fee structure, agree to pay for the website's installation, and the leasing contributions. Provide images, logos, colors, and at least two website Administrators for training. Your website and local private economy can be up and running in about two to three weeks. Your leasing contributions to the RMTP can be mailed via USPO Express Mail, 2nd Day, Insured, and Signature-Required.

 •  Do we have to use the Internet? 
The website expects typical Browsers, so it is based on the Internet communication protocols, as a technology. However, if you decide, you can setup your own local private Internet. That is, you can use your own Servers to create your own local private Internet.

For example, you could use your own servers, cables, and WiFi to set up your own Community Private Internet. Communicating with the world-wide-web (www) Internet would be optional. Only the Internet-protocols are needed. How the electronic signals are transmitted between your Community computers is up to you.

 •  Can my Group stop leasing it? 
There are no cancellation fees. Just provide us with a one month notice, and settle all of the accounts.

 •  Do we have to have our own website? Can we just join another Group? 
Yes. You can simply join another already existing Group. As you pay membership dues and make Trades, you will be making contributions to their Group. Your "visibility" can be set up so that the existing Group cannot see you, nor you they; as Trading can be limited by distance, specific cities, and specific zip codes. Your contributions to the existing Group can be mailed via USPO Express Mail, 2nd Day, Insured, and Signature-Required.

Another alternative is to have the RMTP website host your Group Trading. With this option, your dues and Trades will make contributions to "Two Tassels Ministry".

 •  Is using the website safe? 
All Trades are private. Privacy means no one outside of your Group-Administrators will see your Trades.

 •  Why is your Trading Post fair? 
It is a genuine old-fashion Trading Post. You can Trade your deer meat for their coffee and beans. You can see what it is, how many are left, chat with the provider, make counter-offers, Trade in currency and Gold Weight, and agree to the details before saying "Okay".

 •  Why don't I just buy things like I do now? 
The retail stores are most convenient, but this comes at a cost. Your money goes "out the door", and it does not come back. With the RMTP your money "stays in the Group vault", it does not "go away". This means it is still "there", and so later you can Trade something of yours, to get that money back again.

 •  Why should I Trade at all? 
Many people understand that locally grown organic produce and meats are far better. The RMTP allows Cottage-Industries (for example making quilts and jams) to easily Trade their products. The unemployed can Trade what they can do, for what they need to eat, and do so without an Employer or a Bank Account. By trading between yourselves, your own Community directly prospers.

 •  How much money do I have to pay? 
That is up to your Group to decide. All dues and trading fees are set by your Group.


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Enter The Ravenous Moose Trading Post
The Ravenous Moose Trading Post, Looking Out For You
For People Having Integrity (P.H.I.) - Φ 

In 1971 all world currencies were taken off of the Gold Standard.
Since then all currencies "float", and are created out of nothing, backed by nothing.
The Ravenous Moose Trading Post lets you get back to trading using the Gold Standard.
You do not need to rely upon Banks or an Employer to live.